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HiFi Productions is a wedding DJ in Wichita, KS and surrounding communities. Our DJ services provide you with the type of atmosphere that’s right for you: classy, fun, and energetic. We pride ourself on providing a well organized event that centers around the wedding couple.

View our photo gallery below to get ideas and catch a glimpse of us in action!

Our goal for your wedding is to make it memorable for both you and your guests. Our DJ services are completely customized to fit your style, your music preferences, and your timeline. We provide a mix of DJ services, live music and special announcements throughout the wedding reception.

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Wedding DJ
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5 Easy Tips for an Awesome Wedding Reception

Want to have the best wedding reception possible? Here are our top 5 tips from a professional wedding DJ to help you have an incredible celebration:

  1. DJ Placement: Make it a priority to place your DJ directly in front of the dance floor. This makes a HUGE difference. If we’re off to the side, it’s way more difficult to get people out there partying!
  2. Lead by Example: This is a celebration of YOU. If the wedding couple is out on the dance floor having a great time, your guests will be too.
  3. Lighting: Lighting can add SO much to the vibe of your party, and there’s lots of different things you can do. Consider adding uplighting to match your colors, and adding pin spots to highlight your cake is a great idea, too.
  4. Timing: Pay attention to the length of your reception. Generally speaking, you don’t want your reception to be more than 5, maybe 6 hours. Have a solid timeline that doesn’t leave a lot of dead time. A good DJ can help you with that.
  5. Bar Placement: If you’re having alcohol, and we recommend you do, it’s a great idea to have your bar in the same room as or near the entertainment. People tend to congregate around the bar, and you want to give them as much opportunity as possible to be around where all the fun is happening.
Best Wedding DJ

Not in the Wichita area? Don’t stress. We’re happy to bring our wedding DJ services to surrounding areas including Salina, Emporia, Kansas City, Arkansas City, Anthony, Kingman, Hutchinson, Great Bend and more. Contact us today to see if we travel to your area.

  • Kept the party going and did great at reading the crowd!
    — Linda
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Wedding DJ Services Offered

Event Planning Timeline

Event Planning and Timeline
Ensure your wedding will have a smooth timeline that keeps your guests engaged. We’ll send you an easy to fill out planning sheet that covers every aspect of your wedding day. This is where you’ll make your song selections for each event throughout the course of the day.


One-on-One Consultation with DJ
We will meet either in person or over the phone (your choice) to go over the wedding day planner and timeline. In this meeting, we’ll make sure everything is in order and your preferences are noted so you feel confident that the day is well planned.

Modern Dj Booth

Modern DJ Booth
Have you ever been to a reception at a beautiful venue and then you look in the corner and see an eyesore of a DJ setup? A bare table with cables everywhere, bulky black speakers on poles and a few blinky lights on a stand? Not with HiFi Productions! I keep a clean, sleek setup in all white that is subtle yet elegant to complement your wedding aesthetic.

Wedding Toast Mic

Wireless Mic For Toasts
I promise your wedding toasts will be heard by your guests. The wireless microphone is included for all weddings. Want something a little different? Ask about our old fashioned Elvis style mic!

Mc Service

MC Service
The MC (Master of Ceremonies) is responsible for helping everything run smoothly. I’ll keep your guests informed about what is happening and when with introductions of the wedding party, announcing speeches, and all other necessary announcements.

Ceremony Sound

Ceremony Sound
Greet your guests with wedding prelude songs as they arrive. We play all accompanying music during your ceremony and provide a wearable microphone for your officiant. We also have a handheld mic for vows or a reading if needed. Our ceremony sound system can be set up anywhere because it is completely battery powered!

Wedding Reception With Uplighting

Wireless Uplighting
Dramatically improve the ambiance of a venue with uplights. These wireless lights go around the room, sit on the floor and shine up on the wall. They’re a great way to add depth and interest to your reception venue.

Best Wedding DJ

Dance Floor Lighting
These lights create a lively, exciting environment on the dance floor. I use only the best lighting that is innovative in the wedding DJ industry: Astera AX1 Tube Lights surround the DJ booth, and I sometimes include Chauvet Intimidator Moving Heads for even more excitement. Do you have a specific lighting vision in mind? I’d love to discuss it!

Cold Sparks

Cold Sparks
Make a dramatic entrance with cold sparks! Cold Spark machines emit a cool-to-the-touch fountain of sparks. These sparks are not actual pyrotechnics but instead offer a safe pyrotechnic experience. They look amazing in photos and you’ll catch your guests by surprise! We usually set them off for a grand entrance, during a first dance, and once or twice during the dance itself just for fun.

Cake Pinspot Lights

Cake Pinspot Lights
I often see couples who invest in a beautiful cake with intricate designs, only to have it end up in a dim, dark corner where it can’t be showcased. The pinspot lights can be placed right on the cake so you and your guests can truly appreciate this work of art in all its glory.

Photo Booth For Wedding

Photo Booth
Your guests will have a blast posing in our open-air photo booth. Not only can they enjoy their printless photos or Boomerangs, but you’ll also get a copy of all the captures from your event. You’ll love looking back at all the fun your guests had at your reception! Learn More >

Wichita Wedding DJ

Wedding DJ Packages

Each wedding we DJ is unique, but we have put together some of our most popular services to save you money and time, with packages starting at $1,195. Or, go a la carte and choose the services you need.

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Capture Memories!

Add more flavor to your wedding reception and give your guests another reason to act crazy with our HiFi Photo Booth! There’s one thing for sure – whether it’s the next day, the next week or 10 years from now, you’re going to LOVE looking back at all the fun you and your guests were having!

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Photo Booth

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to set up and tear down your equipment? Is this time included in your fee?

Setup time can depend on the services you’ve chosen, but typically it takes two hours. Tear down time is usually no more than one hour. Setup and tear down are not counted towards your total event time.

Can we create our own playlist?

Yes, you’re welcome to provide a playlist of songs you’d like to have played during your ceremony, cocktail hour and/or dinner if you’d like. For the dance you will receive a planning form that allows for your input of “must plays”, “suggestions” and “do not plays”.

Do you take song requests during the reception?

Yes, guests can request songs to be played if you wish. We do our best to honor all requests if we have the song and time allows. You can provide us with any guidelines on types of music or particular songs you don’t want to have played.

Can you help us choose music for our reception or wedding ceremony?

If you’re having trouble deciding on the right music, we’re happy to recommend songs that are appropriate for any part of your wedding. Check out our Spotify account to find playlists full of songs we recommend for every aspect of your wedding day.

Spotify Playlist: Top 100 Wedding DJ Songs

We also have curated playlists of processional and recessional songs, first dance songs, garter toss songs, bouquet toss songs, grand entrance songs, mother/son dance songs, father/daughter dance songs, and even cake cutting songs.

If people aren’t dancing, do you get them involved?

On the rare occasion that guests are shy, we know how to motivate the crowd and play music they’ll want to dance to.

Do you bring all of your equipment or do we need to provide anything?

We bring all of our own equipment to operate anything that has been booked and no additional equipment needs to be provided.

Will you need dinner provided for you and your staff?

Yes please! We are typically at a wedding for 9 or 10 hours and would greatly appreciate a meal if one is being served.

How many people will you have working at my wedding?

It fluctuates from wedding to wedding but no more than two. Often there may be two of us for the setup and tear down but usually for the event time there will only be one.